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Products we’re building

147 has designed & built a range of next generation products. Check out some of our recent projects below.



Feedbacks is a powerful tool to collect, analyze and store sentiment interaction of users. Based on the data collected the tool can increase user’s engagement, generate more leads and more.



With DIPS we are aiming to give all the website owners a set of powers they never imagined. Dips is a product built to arm websites with superpowers.



Retest is a web app that aims to make testing websites on different platforms simple and fast.

Boring Panda


Boring Panda is our effort to push our bondarious into different verticals. We at 147 are working towards creating a fun brand for our young generation.



We believe there is alot more to explore than just earth and so via spacet, we are building an artificial intelligence for nano satellites which can take us to places we have never been to before.



In a time where work and relationships are consuming our generation, we belive there should be a safe space for people to come and share their problems and help each other out. Sortout is meant to be that place where people anonymously can share their problems.

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